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Your perfect kayak is here. Fishing, racing, hunting, spending time with family and friends—whatever your water adventure—Malibu sit-on-top kayaks offer stability, comfort, plus an abundance of kayaking fun.

All the kayak gear you''ll need for your kayaking adventures ahead. Kayak paddles, kayak seats, transporting gear, fishng gear and more. Get 30% off your kayaking gear when you buy a kayak today!

Learn About Cool Water Kayaks

Cool Water Kayaks in Templeton, California, offers top-of-the-line kayaks for sale. Whether you’re an ocean lover, fisherman, diver, hunter, speed enthusiast, or simply want to enjoy a day on the water with family and friends, our line of Malibu Kayaks are exceptionally stable, roomy and come with tons of storage options.

We are kayaking adventurists, filling a need for high–quality and affordable ocean and lake kayaks along the Central Coast of California. At Cool Water Kayaks, we take pride in our unparalleled customer service and look forward to helping you select the perfect kayak.


Contact us in Templeton, California, for more information on our quality and affordable kayaks for sale.